Roberts Academy Gears Up for National Conference!

On the heels of the Cincinnati Public School Fall Showcase, the checklist continues as we prepare for the most exciting upcoming event next April, the National Community Schools Conference coming to Cincinnati. This opportunity brings a myopic focus for my work as the resource coordinator at Roberts Academy, but also invites a deeper concentration of engagement for our partnerships in the school as well as community and business partners, families, students, and staff. The attention to detail in the preparation to welcome visitors evokes a synergy that encompasses each meeting and excites everyone.

Roberts Academy is located in East Price Hill (east of downtown Cincinnati), Roberts Academy serves approximately 650 students each year, of which 96.4% are economically disadvantaged and 41.7% students with limited English proficiency. Roberts Academy is ranked “High Poverty” by the Ohio Department of Education. Roberts Academy has one of the district’s largest populations of English Language Learners and houses the International Welcome Center which services many international families, predominantly on the west side of Cincinnati and the Greater Price Hill Area.

As a decade long, one-billion dollar district-wide building renovation came to a close, the Cincinnati Public School District opened the doors of every school and invited the community in for our Fall Showcase this September – not only to see what their financial commitment has produced physically, but equally important, to share with the community at large all of the services and partnerships within the school. Many community members, neighbors, families and friends of Roberts came to see what all of the buzz is about at Roberts!

Partners are excited to share their programs and display the successes of the diligent work that takes place every day. Given the opportunity to present on a national scale may be intimidating to some, but the complement of partners at Roberts Academy, does not waver from their focus.

Plans are underway to highlight our newly renovated school-based health center, which is expanding to serve adults in the surrounding neighborhoods, in addition to the varied medical and dental services available to our students. Our community garden and food forest will begin to sprout new life from the long winter hibernation when the national audience visits the campus. No doubt our garden partner, Price Hill Will’s Sustainability Coordinator will be busy tilling, planting and planning with his students. The International Welcome Center at Roberts Academy has a wonderful celebration planned to not only highlight their services to families and neighbors, but to engage visitors in an international, interactive event with many of the parents and community members who frequent the International Coffee Hour. The students have ideas for posters to be on display about their community learning center (CLC) – highlighting their favorite things about Roberts and how the CLC plays a vital role in their daily lives.

Overall, the excitement is building for all of our constituents to share the impactful work that takes place to reach so many lives. Roberts Academy will be ready to roll out the red carpet to welcome our out-of-town guests and share our story.

So, don’t forget to register for the Forum and the site visit to Ro...!

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