We are so thankful for our Community School Coordinators and would like to spotlight all of their amazing successes. Here are just some of the numerous expressions of thanks for Community School Coordinators from our Community Schools Leadership Network and the Coalition Staff. Follow @CommSchools during the Coordinators Appreciation Week for more #CoordinatorsRock messages. 

"Community School Coordinators are the local ‘face’ of the community school for parents, families, and partners. Bu, they are so much more. They are the effective brokers of key relationships to make sure the school is supporting whole children, whole families and whole communities.”

-Johan Uvin, President, Institute for Educational Leadership

“The passion, commitment and excellence of SUN Community School site managers shines bright every day! They are empowering and uniting our community.”

                -SUN Service System & Community Schools

"CS Coordinators are invaluable members of both the school and community teams, connecting with parents, students and organizations to really bring everything together!”

                -Melissa Patton, Coalition for Community Schools

“Coordinators fearlessly lead their schools and communities to align partnerships and make connections so their students and families thrive. Thank you for your selfless dedication and commitment to your students.”

            -Jenn Masutani, Coalition for Community Schools

“Coordinators embody the vision of community schools in their collaborative leadership that is always compassionate, always student focused, always creative. Thank you for serving our communities so well.”

            -Kaylene Kalkbrenner, Coalition for Community Schools

"The Milwaukee Community Schools Partnership loves our Coordinators because they fight for educational equity every day.”

            -Ryan Hurley, Milwaukee Community Schools Partnership

"The CMSD Wrap Around #CoordinatorsRock because they support each other across schools!”

            -College Now Greater Cleveland

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Comment by Liz Capparelli Thacker on September 19, 2017 at 3:32pm

Thank you!


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