The work we do across the country is full of more than its share of challenges. Often we spend more time operating from a deficit perspective as opposed to an asset perspective. Yet we all have a series of what I like to call "bright spots" which are the things we do exceptionally well that aid in achieving our organizational, school/site and initiative goals. The wonderful thing about bright spots is if they are constructed well they can be replicated. So what are your bright spots? What are the operational things you do well that others can learn from and do at their sites? Look at is this way, if everyone in this network shared just one bright spot and we were all able to replicate them in our work, the community schools effort would shine in a whole new way.

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Comment by Elizabeth Giannetta-Ramos on October 1, 2013 at 4:08pm

I am so proud of you!!!! I just had to put that out there!!!! Keep it up.

My bright spot would have to be the pilot "certified" parent volunteer program I had at our site last year. This program came about from speaking to our parents during the 2nd cup of coffee. They were concerned that they didnt have enough knowledge about school and district policies to be a volunteer in their child's school. With that information, I along with the director from our Family Resource Center approached the Director of Family Services at the district level to put together a 12 week series that would highlight various policy areas (Hippa, Ferpa, board policies, non verbal communication, how to defuse a hostile situation, etc). Parents had weekly homework assignments. Parents also were able to meet key personal from the district, It was so successful that the parents who graduated from the 12 week program are now recruiting a new cohort for this year.

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