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Coordinator Spotlight - Hallie Atwater

1. Tell us about your community school. How has the community school strategy impacted your students, families, and community?

The Renaissance Academy High School community has been through many ups and downs but through it all, our central vision of student empowerment and social justice leadership has remained ever strong. Principal Rowe and the staff at Renaissance believe in the transformative nature of deep and lasting relationships…


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What Drives Your Work?

Good morning Coordinators Network.

I am  working with our initiative around streamlining the way we operate. The  model we use in Hartford is based on the Children's Aid Society in NYC  where each lead agency director/coordinator…


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Magic Numbers: Community Schools and the New Federal Promise Neighborhoods Funding

It’s hard to be new. Four years ago, new to California and a new Community School Coordinator, I found myself in a fiercely proud community that wondered who I was and what I thought I was doing at their high school. I didn’t look like many of them, I didn’t sound like them, and even when I played by the rules, I felt like everyone was waiting for me to screw up instead of lending a helping hand. They thought I was just going to be another flavor of the month in education reform. I get it.…


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