April 2020 Blog Posts (2)

Coordinator Spotlight - Kevin Martinez

Kevin Martinez: Los Angeles Educational Partnership (LAEP)- Morningside High School

Interviewed by: Aqsa Rashid

Before Kevin Martinez became a community school coordinator, Morningside High School was experiencing tremendous student turnover. In one year alone, 16,000 students dropped to 8,000. Morningside is one of two high schools…


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Staying Connected: WFH Playlist

As we all Work From Home (WFH) far more often than we otherwise would it's can  be a challenge to feel connected to your core work group, school site, and partner network!  There are so many ways to connect, and I'm sure you've been on all of them.  Perhaps a way to connect that is purely about being a spirit booster is creating a WFH playlist!  There are a bunch of ways to do this, and I wanted to share one I created on Spotify with you all!…


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