Policy and Advocacy


Local Policies

As a coordinator, you possess a lot of knowledge of how certain policies are implemented in your community schools, as well as the funding challenges.. Therefore, you can best advocate for and influence your local policies to reflect those needs. You can influence local policies from your local school board, school district, county, to your city policies.

Exemplary local policies that support community schools include:

State and Federal Policy

Though your state capitol and the U.S. Capitol may feel far away, the decisions your state and federal legislators make at these levels influence your work every day, so we strongly encourage you to get involved. Locate contact information for your state and federal legislators here.

Review exemplary state and federal policies that support the community schools strategy.

Advocacy Toolkit

Your voice as a coordinator is as important at the local, state, and federal level, and we want to help you feel prepared and confident to advocate to your local, state, and federal policymakers.

The Coalition is currently developing an Advocacy Toolkit to help you in your advocacy efforts, and this toolkit will include a number of resources such as talking points about community schools in general and addressing specific issues/legislation in particular; draft letters to House and Senate Representatives, and templates to use for media outreach (sample letters to the editor, etc). We aim to complete the Toolkit by May 2013, but in the meantime please contact Mary Kingston, Public Policy Manager at kingstonm@iel.org with any suggestions or resources you would like to see included.

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