Role of Community School Coordinators

A community school coordinator’s role can look a little different depending on the school and the location in which you work.  However, there are some themes that tend to be common among coordinators across the country and even across the world.

A coordinator is often the “liaison” and “connector” for many different areas.  Some of these include:

  • Parent/Family Engagement
  • Community Engagement
  • Youth Development
  • Strategic Alignment: Deepening Partnerships and Academic Alignment
  • Partnerships: Health, Mental Health, Tutoring, After school programming, Mentoring, Early Childhood

To get a sense of the duties of a community school coordinator, here are a few examples of job descriptions for coordinator positions at community school initiatives around the country:

A coordinator has many different qualities/roles that can help him/her to manage the many different hats that they may wear.  Some of these include:

Overall, a community school coordinator has many roles, skills and qualities and often times this is why the coordinator is seen as the key piece in a successful community school.   A nickname that really resonates with most coordinators is “Dr. Octopus”.

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