Mobilize Your Community for Equity Webinar Series

As a Community School Coordinator, you have a tremendous opportunity to mobilize your students, families, and community to advocate for equity and better opportunities for your school. These two webinars will explore different ways you can advocate for your school community, understand the difference between educating and lobbying, and prepare for the upcoming March for Children and Youth Month.

Learn how you can leverage your role as a Community School Coordinator to identify and advocate for issues facing your students, families, and community.

: Keith Catone and Jon Martinez, CYCLE; Hallie Atwater, Renaissance Academy High School; Christie Atlee, DC Public Schools

Webinar Resources:
As you fight for equitable changes within your community, learn how to strategically lift up student and family voice without lobbying.

: Allen Mattison, Trister, Ross, Schadler & Gold, PLLC
Webinar Resources:

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