Community Schools

What Are Community Schools?

A community school is a public school—the hub of its neighborhood, uniting educators, community partners, and families to provide all students with top-quality academics, enrichment, health and social services, and opportunities to learn and thrive.

Community schools are a proven evidence-based and an essential equity strategy. They create the conditions necessary for students to thrive by focusing attention, time, and resources on a shared vision for student and school success. They also help make society more fair by investing in communities that have been marginalized by historical disinvestment.

Key Resources

Community Schools: A Whole-Child Framework for School Improvement

In this brief the Coalition examines community schools at the site level and outlines how states can support community schools through the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Community School Site Standards

The Coalition’s Standards are designed  to engage and support the community schools movement as a standards-driven, evidence-based strategy to promote equity and educational excellence for each and every child.

Community Schools Playbook

The Partnership for the Future of Learning’s guide provides tools for advancing community schools as a strategy to improve schools, provide more equitable opportunities, and prepare students for success in life
and as citizens.

Building Community Schools: A Guide for Action

Learn from NYC’s community schools  efforts in this guide by the National  Center for Community Schools at  Children’s Aid.

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