The expectations are high what can we do with minimal support?

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It's such a new experience right?  Our work is deeply connected to supported our communities which is easiest when we have physical access to them right?  So what does it look like do this amazing work remotely; well it just looks different... 

My first question is, what is prioritized?  For my district it was food distribution & employee payroll announcements before academics announcements.  It told me the people side of the work was what mattered most as we started down this new path. Academics followed, but it was so much easier to make sure folks were engaged once the questions associated with basic needs were answered.

If you have folks giving you expectations, then there is someone to ask questions to; they may not have the answers of course.  I would ask the very question you asked when people are expressing their expectations of you, "what level of support can I expect on this project?  Who can I expect it from? How often can I expect it?".  I find that sometimes when needs are named at the same time the ask it made it can be helpful to clarifying that there needs to be a system of support.

Thank you! This was awesome!

You're welcome!

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