Let's hear your thoughts and take-aways on SUSTAINABILITY!

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Coordinators are essential in building relationships with funders.
Building relationships with the partners that we already have and raising the awareness of the community school concept.
Sustainability of community schools begins with sustainability of coordinators as professional positions!!
-build stronger relationships with partners already involved
-raise awareness of CS concepts within your school
-reach out to other agencies (go international - El Paso)
-use common tools / common language
-tracking data - local and national
-multiple sources of funding - navigating locally
-get elected officials on board
-focus on what we bring to the table
-get lead agency leadership involved as advocate for coordinator
-make yourself invaluable
-salary worthy of position
Getting all CS cheerleaders and supporters organized so they can preach the value of the work can definitely help with sustainability. The more people are talking about the work the more excitement can be generated.

As a follow-up question: What are coordinators using as tools or templates for measuring the value and impact? I find as I engage our site team, partnerships and staff with the question of "what do we really need?" and engaging these partnerships in the question of "who can provide that?" - I end up needing to engage more. What are you using to track data, to evaluate partnerships (in a way other people, not just your mind, can see and understand) that you use to engage site teams and partnerships.

I'm asking for tools, so I'll share mine. I made this for our first Site Team meeting to communicate who is doing what in the eight categories of our framework. 


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