Hello Coordinators,

Individual community schools and community school initiatives must define and demonstrate progress towards achieving a set of desired results that drive the work of the school and its community. Coordinators play an important role in tracking these results.

Review the resources on how coordinators can track specific indicators to influence outcomes and results for their students, families, and communities.

If you have more questions or want to share best practices, please feel free to post here. Remember, this is a private space for coordinators.

Best Wishes,

Coordinators Team

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I'm writing because i'm working with coordinators who are evaluating...

1. The impact of school gardens on promoting healthy eating

2. The extent to which Community Learning Centre programs effect student engagement in school

I guess i'm wondering if other people have any resources in these areas or sample surveys  and interview protocols they could share so we don't need to start from scratch.  I've been "googling" and found some great stuff, but always looking for more.



Hi Everyone,

Would love to hear about what programs other folks are using to collect data. Up until recently we used a program called  "Griot" which was great. But it is time to upgrade and I am having a hard time finding something that works.


Mary Skrabucha

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