Dear Coordinators Network - 

My principal would like the community partners to do an evaluation of him, and I've been charged with creating that evaluation.
Do you know any other districts or community partners or parents who are doing this? If yes, do you know where I could find examples of what they've done?
Thanks in advance,

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Greetings Jennie,

It's funny you ask because just yesterday I drafted a tool such as that for my organization.  Please send me a message and we can further discuss (and I can share the information with you in draft form that way as well).

We are not currently doing that, but I would love to see the evaluation tool you come up with. I think that is a great idea, maybe even a tool that could be used for Site Resource Coordinators. Thanks for bringing up this issue. Best of luck in creating the tool!


Hi Jennie, that's great that your principal is interested in that feedback!

I attached a checklist from a book called "Beyond the Bake Sale." It's intended as an assessment tool for measuring family engagement, but I have adapted it for other evaluative purposes. Since a principal is responsible for leading the overall direction of the school, some of these checklist questions could be adapted for his or her evaluation. I hope this is helpful, and I would also be interested in seeing what you come up with!


Thanks everyone for your resources so far. I'd love to keep seeing what people are doing and, definitely, I'll share whatever we come up with. I'm trying to get clarification from my principal on if he wants a checklist style evaluation or more of a rubric/1-5 ranking and/or how much written feedback. He is a very reflective practitioner so this might be a work in progress for awhile.

If any of you are coming to the National Forum in Cincinnati, perhaps we can chat there too!

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