Hello all - we are launching our first community school this fall in Racine, WI, and in our needs assessment, we found that families are not able to or are not prioritizing medications that either they or their children need. 

In terms of medication for children, this can destabilize a child's entire day, specifically if the medications are vital for daily functioning.

When I spoke with our local pharmacy, they said that we could obtain a delivery variance permit from the state that would allow the drugs to be delivered to school and stored there until they were picked up by the parent or designated proxy.

Another option she noted was that we could ask a larger pharmacy to set up a satellite location in the school, which would be a pretty big commitment from the school.

Has anyone else dealt with this issue at their community school? How do you support families obtaining their prescribed medications? Or is this issue best addressed by providing the support to families through parent mentoring or ride shares to get to the pharmacy?

Thank you!  

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WOW! What a complex issue, very interesting that you're taking this on from your needs assessment. Does your school have a clinic or any other kinds of medical services currently?

Our school has a full clinic which helps to address this issue. We have also explored the possibility of establishing a rideshare program that could be used in part to support parents with this problem. But so far it hasn't come up as being a major issue.

Hello Community Partners. I was wondering if you can send me a copy of your needs assessement that is distributed to families. Thank you

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