So, I just started as a coordinator at an elementary school about a week and a half ago. Because I have started in the middle of the year I am really searching for an opportunity to meet families in a casual way to start meaningful relationships between them and the school.

The next upcoming event is parent-teacher conferences. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how I could creatively connect with parents while they are in the school for that reason? I know it is not ideal because not all parents come but its the only opportunity I have before the Christmas holiday. So basically how do I get them to want to talk to me? How should I set it up? What should I have conversations with them about? Or is this a bad idea all around?

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Sorry if this is too late. We had conferences earlier in November. I will typically provide (either pay for out of my tiny budget or get a donation) coffee, which gives parents a reason to stop in the lobby on the way to their child's classroom. Having something else to hand out, maybe a flier for a winter coat giveaway or upcoming school event, will give you a natural reason to introduce yourself. 

Finding ways to talk to parents is never a bad idea! I'm super awkward about it, not my favorite part of the job, so I understand some of your anxiety. :)

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