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I am a new community schools coordinator leading the transition for my district. One idea I saw mentioned in other places was connected events that parents are already attending such as parent/teacher conferences with other important events such as a flu shot clinic. 

Have others done this? What was your most successful collaboration?

Diana Delbecchi

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Leverage high traffic and established events is a perfect way to engage with parents on new initiatives!

Our School PTA holds monthly meetings to invite new volunteers and announces new activities they can sign up for. We also get together (I am school-Health Coordinator) ask them to bundle # of permission slips to put in Teacher's mailboxes to give students to take home for Parents/Guardians to sign and return about one month before the Flu Shot Clinic -or Dental Cleanings. We offer a number to schedule appointments so it remains organized. It's been successful, but one lesson we've learned.  The return of permission slips take up to 3 weeks and that was almost 50% of the students/families who participated. 

Thanks so much for mentioning the turn-around time on the permission slips!

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