Hello everyone!

My name is Annie Bogenschutz and I am one of the co-chairs of the network along with Carol Hill.  I posted a blog with a little information about myself.  It would be great to get to know others who are joining.  If you have a second... respond to this discussion board and let us know a little bit about yourself... where you live, your role, etc.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone! 


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Hello everyone.

I'm Damion Morgan, Community School Director with COMPASS Youth Collaborative in Hartford, CT. I am very glad to see the formation of this network which will provide a wonderful opportunity for individuals across sites to share best practices, strategies, challenges and successes. I look forward to engaging with all the members.

I'm Teresa Wendell, Neighborhood School Site Coordinator at Kiser PreK-8 School, Dayton Ohio. I have just joined the network and I'm looking forward in connecting with everyone...
Hi Annie... If I read your information correctly, we are neighbors ... Cincinnati and Dayton :-) I'm wondering if in the near future, if I can take a road trip to your location.. I would love to gain some insight on things from your end, plus I would love to share what's happening in Dayton...
Just let me know.. Thanks :-)

Hi, I'm Mary Skrabucha, O'Farrell Community Charter School Coordinator, in San Diego.I am looking forward to hearing about all the great things that are happening across the country.

If any of you are ever in San Diego, please come to visit. We love company!

Hi Mary! I am one of the staff members at the Coalition for Community Schools. I will be in San Diego in May and will definitely reach out to you nearer to the trip to find sometime to visit the school. Look forward to hearing more about your school and your work!

Hi All!  My name is Luann Kida and I work for Binghamton University as a Social Work Supervisor/Associate Coordinator for the SHARE Project, funded by a Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant.  Although SHARE is in 10 different districts in Broome County, my work is with Whitney Point Schools, a very small, rural district in upstate NY.  We are currently utilizing MSW interns to provide social-emotional support to students and community outreach to families within the school district.  Although our schools are not community schools, many of the same principals are being discussed as our work evolves and parent's voices become more focal.  I am very excited to be a part of this network and look forward to learning all that I can.  This is all very new to me.  Thanks to all and I look forward to getting to know you. 


Good windy afternoon from Hartford, CT. I'm the Community School Director @ Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy for COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Inc. We are the lead agency for 3 of the 7 community schools in the Hartford School District. I am the only director who implements the community school strategy for a magnet school. I've been working in my role for 6 years. I posted a new discussion on the discussion board in hopes to learn what other magnet community schools are doing.  I look forward to the opportunity to share ideas, best practices, etc.  

Hi everyone--I am Dayna Krannawitter, community school coordinator at Arnold Elementary in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I've been connected to Lincoln Community Learning Centers for over 10 years and working as a coordinator for 8 years.  I love this work because of the variety of people and organizations I get to work with on a daily basis.  It's a busy time of year as we are wrapping up our multiple evaluation activities for the school year, making neighborhood connections, and preparing for summer!

Hello Everyone! I'm Jennie Carey, Community School Coordinator from the Los Angeles Education Partnership. I work with a complex of four schools known as the Cesar E Chavez Learning Academies, though soon I will only work for two of the schoos, the Social Justice Humanitas Academy and ArTES. I have a lot of questions, so I'm excited to network with all of you, learn from you, share ideas, and grow our amazing work!

Hi Everyone,

For years I had a wonderful data collection system that did all and more than I could ask for. It died. It was very old and unable to be resurrected.

So for months, I have been looking for a new system. I have asked tons of people and always got the same answer, "We use ______ and its not great but its all we could find"

I want GREAT !

I think I may have found it. It is called" Family Talk"..It is a data management system for agencies devoted to children and Families.

They are out of Oregon and will tweek it to meet your personal program needs. Please check them out.

And tell Charleen Hi from San Diego from me!



My name is Benigno Vasquez, but you can call me Ben.  I work with YDI Elev8 in Albuquerque, NM.  I am a Community Organizer with two Middle Schools, Wilson and Grant.  I focus on Family and Community Engagement at the schools.  I also help our Coordinator with the integration of services into the schools.  Basically I am the head Burro and do a little bit of everything within my schools.  I look forward to meeting everyone and learning new strategies, especially around Family Engagment.

That sounds like a good reason to make a trip to San Diego, Mary.  I extend the same offer next time you come to Albuquerque!!

Mary Skrabucha said:

Hi, I'm Mary Skrabucha, O'Farrell Community Charter School Coordinator, in San Diego.I am looking forward to hearing about all the great things that are happening across the country.

If any of you are ever in San Diego, please come to visit. We love company!

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