Let's hear your thoughts and take-aways on ENGAGEMENT!

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Family engagement should be intentional. It's not just having parents come in for a spaghetti dinner. Effective family engagement should be centered around student and family learning. Additionally by including school staff in the planning process creates an opportunity for developing stronger relationships between the families, school staff and community schools staff.
Elementary School age
-parent councils
-home based programs (teachers go to apartment complexes/homes for tutoring)
-student showcases
-change in mindset - tardy slip says I am glad you are here
-student-led conferencing
-parent university - and after they graduate

Middle School age
-tailgates before games (PTA involvement) ex: Meet your principal
-remember church groups - treasure egg hunt

High School age
-work withe feeder schools - let feeders schools help with moving forward
"The price of admission is to come with a solution." -Michael McAfee, Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink

Family Engagement changes when families are asked to take ownership in the strategies and solutions.

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