Let's hear your thoughts and take-aways on Elevating the Role!

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What are some of the names we call ourselves?
-Site Resource Coordinator
-CS Coordinator
-Site Director for OST
-Community Partnership Coordinator
-CS Technician
-Jack of all Trades
-Learning Support Coordinator
-Parent Community Liaison/ coordinator
-CS Director
What can you do?
-Grow professional, both within and outside your school.
-Be strong manager - know your budget; training; think about raising and leveraging resources; develop your staff; fill gaps.
-**pick something you want to move and make sure you can attribute that to your work!!

-make connections - you can't do it alone!!

-tell your story

-**replenish yourself/decrease burnout
-take time off
-make sure you know and prioritize self-care
-set boundaries and keep them!
-take care of your families
If we are a movement, then coordinators are the gasoline!!!
Take care of yourself so you can take care of the work!!!
What point will you impact in one years time? How will you define your success?
-community schools is headline of NY Times this week -- go to Knowlegeable Community schools with no quotes
-that community knows we are 365 - 24/7; not just after school hours
-that work we do lives beyond us; and that people we serve become biggest advocates
-create systems to be proactive instead of reactive
-everyone in our schools can say they are in a community school and can say what that means

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