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Robust and intentional community involvement is what distinguishes the community schools approach from other strategies.  Mobilizing community resources increases opportunities for student learning and development which is at the heart of the community schools strategy.

Review the resources on how coordinators can mobilize community action.

If you have more questions or want to share best practices, please feel free to post here. Remember, this is a private space for coordinators.

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The Institute for Educational Leadership houses the District Leader Network on Family and Community Engagement Network (FCE). The FCE Network is a peer network designed to bring together district leaders from across the nation and provide the most up-to-date resources, professional development, and best practices to ultimately improve student achievement. Each year the Network hosts a National Meeting and Learning Lab to discuss the Federal Landscape and introduce the new and innovative ideas taking place. We are looking forward to providing you with new tools and working together to engage the communities and families in your districts.

Reach out to your district leaders to join! Contact Heather Naviasky @ naviaskyh@iel.org for more information on the network!

We have had a really successful community engagement strategy for the past three years with our annual Vision What's Possible event at our Community Learning Center.  This year we focused the discussion on family and neighborhood involvement.  We had several parents, school staff, neighborhood residents, our local neighborhood association, local library staff, a local police officer, and our city council representative come together to discuss family and neighborhood strengths and needs.  A list of priority areas was generated that will now be worked on by our School/Neighborhood Advisory Committee in conjunction with our neighborhood association.  This will also be written into our School Improvement/CLC annual plan under family and community involvement. 

If anyone is interested, I have uploaded a copy of our school improvement/CLC annual plan for family and community involvement.  There is also a section on student learning and development but it is much more challenging to read because of all the school day goals and strategies.  I would be happy to share the full document if you want to message me directly.


Thanks Dayna for sharing your plan.

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