Hi All,

Seeking some resources on creating a budget at a site level. Mainly looking for good resources that can support my push for our school to allocate funds to specific 'buckets' in advance to help drive the work/goals and create better outcomes. Seeking info I can reference that helps others understand that allocating funds is essential to drive the work.



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Diana some budgets may already have an earmark such as Title I.  A previous principal would often say, "show me your budget and I can tell you what you find important."  So it may be a conversation of looking at what the budget "says" and if it really is connected to your school's goals.

Hi Jaymie,

First, thank you for always being my best resource. :) I really like this way of approaching this. I should back up and explain that our lead community partner for our CS fund-raised over 140,000 over two years and this is the budget I am mainly focused on trying to allocate, not necessarily the school's direct budget.

That being said, it still wouldn't hurt to begin asking the questions of the schools budget to see how it is connected to our goals and then be able to build our CS budget from there. 


I can't wait to see how it goes!

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