Hi Community Schools Coordinators Network!

It's been a week of news (built up from so many years of injustice) that has left me without words. 

How is everyone doing? 

How are you talking about it?

How is and has your community schools work helped us move towards justice?

What's on your mind?

Let's not be silent, let's find community and solidarity from each other, even if we have different thoughts and opinions. Let's start a dialogue.


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So much to say, thanks for starting this discussion Jennie. In Hartford there's have been multiple grassroots movements. We have an established branch of the president's My Brothers Keeper initiative that has scheduled some community forums about this ongoing problem. Also we have another movement Calling All Brothers lead by a local pastor where professional men of color organize around providing mentorship opportunities for young men and women in our community. Part of the conversations is about how to avoid being numb and treating this as normalcy when men of color are routinely greeted with deadly force by law enforcement officials. But the conversation must also include the disparities in the criminal justice system and institutional racism.

Has anyone had this conversation with law enforcement? (And by anyone I mean anyone, not just Damion). 

In Detroit, there have been more talks around more school closings. I am attending a Town Hall meeting tonight with the Mayor and other politicians to discuss. I only hope that it is a discussion focused on solutions and not just complaints. State governments are systematically dismantling public schools in at-risk/low income/low performing school districts. All while building jails and privatizing prisons at an alarming rate. This isn't just happening in Michigan. We need to pay attention to what's going on. I have been using the workbook "Five Steps to Avoid the School to Prison Pipeline" to help open conversations with youth around the school to prison pipeline traps so that they can better recognize them and take these traps more seriously. More information on the workbook can be found at www.YouthWorkbook.com

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